The project is used for decoration of the buildings.  Through this project all the light for decoration of building can be made to run in forward and reverse direction.  It is pleasant to see the light in this fashion.  You can use this project on your shop to attract the customers.





In this project two ICs are used.  Popular timer IC1 [NE555] is used as multivibrator.  Pin no. 3 is the output pin of this IC.  The ON/OFF signal is available on this pin.  The pin no. 4 and 8 are given positive supply and Pin no. 1 is grounded.  A condenser C1 [1mfd/25v] is grounded from pin no. 2 of IC1.  Through the preset VR1 [100KE], you can change the speed of glowing LED.  The output from pin 3 of IC1 is given to the pin no. 14 of IC 2 [ CD 4017.  IC2 [CD4017] is a decade counter.  Pin no. 16 of IC is given positive supply and pin no. 8 & 13 are grounded.  Pin no. 3, 2, 4, 7, 10, 1, 5, 6, 9 & 11 are output pins.  With this all pin diodes [IN4007] are connected with anode towards the pin terminals.  The cathode end of the diode connected at the pin no. 2 of IC2 [CD4017] id connected with the cathode end of diode at pin no. 11.  A wire is connected between cathode end of diode at pin no. 4 to cathode end of diode at pin no. 9.  The cathode end of the diode at pin no. 5 is connected with wire at cathode of the diode at pin no. 10.  In the same way the cathode end of the diode at pin no. 7 is connected with wire as per the circuit diagram.  Transistor Q1-Q6 [BC547B] is used to operate the relays.


Total 6 relays are used in the circuit.  The connections of the relay are shown in the diagram.  The circuit is operated by the 9V DC supply.  When the circuit is given supply and put ON the lights in the circuit start moving forward and in reverse direction.


  1. Use IC base for the IC.
  2. Take care that there is no shorting on PCB while soldering the components.
  3. First of all, check the components so that they are OK.
  4. Take care about cathode and anode terminals of LED and diodes while soldering.
  5. Good quality relay [6V/100E] should be used.
  6. Connect all the jumpers carefully in the circuit.
  7. Connect positive and negative ends of condenser carefully.