There are many emergency light circuits published but this circuit using CFL is best due to many specialities.  This is base on new technology.  This project works with 12V DC lead acid battery.  The main attraction of this project is that it gives lot of light with brightness with less DC consumption.  The best thing is that size of CFL tube is very small as compared to 20W / 40W florescent.




You can use this emergency light in jeweller’s show room, computer room, office, study room or hotel.  The size of the project is very small.  By assembling this project you can in crease your business.  There is heavy demand for the project because the circuit consumes less DC supply and provides bright and good light.  11Watts CFL tube is used in this project.  In place of bigger size of transformor and transistor 2N3055, a small sized ferriote core transformor and transistor MJE13005 are used.  As per required you can run this project with small size or big size 12V car battery [Lead Acid Batter].  You can use this project for light in your vehicle.

In this project a diode D1 [IN4007] is used in series with positive supply which protects the circuit from wrong polarity of DC supply.  In case DC supply in wrong polarity is given then low current will flow in the circuit.  The condenser C1 [100mfd/25v] is used for filtration.  In this two transistors  Q1, Q2 [MJE 13005/D313] are used.  Negative supply is given to the emitter of both transistors.  The collector of transistor Q1 [MJE13005] is connected with terminal no. 5 of transistor and collector of Q2 [MJE13005] is connected with terminal no. 1 of the transformor.  Between these two transistors a condenser C1 [0.22mfd] is connected which produces high frequency.  The coil L1 which is made of few turns of copper wire on a round ferrite core is connected from one side to positive supply and other side to the terminal 3 of transformor.  From terminal 6 of the transformor a capacitor 6800/1600V is connected.  From second end of this capacitor and terminal no. 7 of the transformor AC supply to the both pins of CFL is given.



  1. Always use separate heatsync for both the transistors.
  2. Take care that there is not short in PCB while soldering the components.
  3. First of all, check all the components so that all components are as per circuit required.
  4. Take care of cathode and anode terminals of the diode while soldering on PCB.
  5. Use good quality of capacitor.
  6. Care fully soldier the collector, base emittor terminals of the transistors.