Infrared Remote Control 4 Lines

This is a new project in this electronic age.  You can control any load sitting away from the equipment.  Equipment can be made ON/OFF with the help of this project.  It works without emitting any rays.  At the distance of 10 feet it can put ON/OFF four separate equipments.  You can use it for four different type of equipment like toys, TV, Fan etc.


This project has been developed and tested O.K. in our TV Engineers Technical Lab.  The components and PCB used in the projects published in our books are available for sale at resonable price.

In the modern age of electronic the use of simple switch is  decreasing day by day.  In this modern age switching by remote control is getting more importance. In our book Vol no. 5 we have published a circuit which operates at the distance of 20″ for two lines of single range.  We have improved that circuit and  designed a four line remote control with the same receiver.  By making more necessary changes the range of that project can be increased.  This project is divided into two parts.  One is the transmitter section and other is receiver section.  When we press the switch S1 of remote transmitter at that time oscillation pulses are obtained on the pin no. 3 of the IC 555.  These are given to the base of transister and infrared LED connected with this transister emittes the infrared rays.  The other  section receives these rays through the infrared eye.  Infrared Eye is a assembled device.  There are three pins in the infrared eye. Positive 5V regulated supply is given to the pin no.1. Second pin is the signal output pin.  Third pin is grounded.  The output of the infrared eye is given to the pin no. 2 of the 555 and it triggers the IC555.  A pulse is obtained on the pin no. 3 and this pulse is given to the trigger pin no. 14 of the IC7493.  IC 7493 is a binary counter IC.  A relay is operated through transister from its output pin no. 1 & 12.  The second output is available on pin no. 9 and it operates the second transister.  Besides this pulses from pin no. 8 and 11 are also given to the base of the transister and four no. of relays are operated from these four outputs.  The complete circuit gets its 5V regulated supply from the IC 7805.  Infrared eye is a sensitive electronics component.  There is possibility of getting it spoiled in case voltage exceeds more than 5 volts.


* Do not solder CMOS IC directly on PCB.  Use IC base for this.

* Do not touch CMOS IC with hands because human body get charged due to anti-static charge and it may ruin the CMOS IC.

* While connecting transister check its base, emitter and collector with the help of the multimeter.

* Take care of the polarity of the condenser connected at the pin no. 6 of the IC 555.

* Infrared eye is a sensitive electronics component, do not open it.

* While connecting diode take care of its polarity.




IR EYE=1, IR Diode =1

IC555=2, IC 7493=1

BC148=4, BC177=1, IC 7805=1


IC BASE [ 8+14 Pin]=1 EACH


220K=1, 4K7=4, 39K=1, 3K9=1


0.001=1, 0.01=1, 0.1=1

470mfd/25V=1,470mfd/16V=1, 1mfd/16V=1

Relay 12V =4


Cabinet =1