फ़ेत्हाबद, हरियाणा में 80 छात्र फोटोशॉप कार्यशाला जून 2017 पर सेमिनार संपन्न हुआ हैं


PCB Designing Seminar

We are dedicated to modern technology. We take seminars on various topics. Seminar on PCB is one of the seminar offered by us at Punit Technical Institute, Badarpur, Delhi. PCB refers to Printed Circuit Board. Every time we can’t go by placing components on bread board, which may not be sophisticated and may have loose connections which it can’t be used in rough condition. The process of PCB designing consists of various processes like designing, etching, printing etc.The combination of all these processes result in designing of circuits on a signal boards layout as well.

With different software’s available in market designers are able to develop their own PCB’s , the best suggestible software for PCB design is EAGLE CAD and we will teach many more modern technology in this seminar.


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