New batch Motherboard workshop at badarpur,delhi नया वर्कशॉप बैच मदरबोर्ड रिपेयरिंग, बदरपुर, दिल्ली में.


Book on “Era of Wearable Electronics”

What if we say that your cloths can change color to balance your skin tone and respond to your heartbeat, or connect you with a loved one from distance?

In modern world the wearable electronics can be used to design interactive systems that are intimate and engaging. Whether it be for fashion, function, or human connectedness,

Author Mr.Radhey Shyam’s new book, Wearable Electronics, is intended for those who are technology enthusiast’s and those who are interest in physical computing who are ready to incorporate electronics into clothing. Perfect for makers who are new to wearable tech. This book introduce to the tools, materials, and techniques for creating modern electronic circuits and embedding them in the things that you can wear.

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